Organic Beef Burgers


6 hamburger buns, organic whole grain

2 pounds ground beef, organic

1 tbsp. cooking oil  



2 avocado  

2 tomatoes, organic

cayenne pepper  

2 tsps. Worcestershire sauce  

6 slices cheddar cheese, grass fed



Divide ground beef into 6 patties.

Warm the buns in the oven at a low heat or cook in a pan for two minutes each side to toast.

Cook the beef patties in a hot pan for 4 minutes each side. Season each side with salt, pepper, cayenne and Worcestershire sauce.

On the last minute of cooking the beef patties, put a slice of cheese on each patty and cover.

When done, assemble the burger by stacking the patty, slice of avocado and a slice of tomato in the bun.



Maria Resurreccion